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College Library

 Library is the storehouse of knowledge, when explored viciously by the hungry minds to satiate their never ending quest for knowledge. The college though presently has a small library but the library in the new campus has sufficient space and abundant quality furniture for the seekers of knowledge. It also will have an abundance of books, magazines and newspapers in the coming future.

The collection of the library includes …

  • Books
  • Bound volume of journals
  • Rare books
  • Reference books
  • Reports
  • Govt. Documents
  • Maps
  • Prized collection of dissertations/ Theses

Important Guidelines to follow:

  1. The library being the sanctum sanctorum for your learning. Please maintain the sanctity of the Institution. Don’t indulge in tearing off, marking or dog-earing of the pages of the book. You may be penalized for the damaged book.
  2. Don’t keep back the book on wrong shelf. Since a book misplaced is a book lost. Make the best use of the library material: books, CDs, DVDs, Journals and periodicals.
  3. We value our clientele’s Co-operation for the smooth functioning of the library.