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The Mission
The Higher education being at the apex of the entire educational structure influences all levels of education and thus affects the future of the nation. Our mission, as an institute of higher education, would be to inculcate among students: universal values, curiosity to acquire knowledge, habits of observation and enquiry, strong belief in their own strengths, patience and ability to work hard.


The Vision
The entire team of professionals at this college is driven by the vision to help the students seek wisdom and follow the path of righteousness with the motive to preserve the values of democracy, justice and liberty, equality and fraternity, sense of duty and patriotism to make the nation great and strong. True education is training of both the head and the heart.Knowkledge without wisdom is meaningless. Therefore educating the mind without morals does not serve the actual purpose of education. Education means: Cultivating inner strength, learning self discipline and eagerness to learn. Educated persons are those who choose wisely and consciously under all circumstances. They choose wisdom over foolishness, good over bad and virtue over vice. The illusion of knowledge which leads to ignorance is not education. We intend to provide the society with competent men and women, who as cultivated individuals are fit to serve the society and the nation


Our aim is to help the students develop their potential by providing right kind of leadership. To develop and integrate the intellectual, physical, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual powers of the students to make them highly humane, cultured and integrated. A fine blend of resources like excellent teaching techniques , enriching cultural, sports and co-curricular activities are designed for personal growth¬† and development of leadership qualities and team spirit to achieve this purpose. The focus is on development of 5 C’s to be successful in life: Character, commitment, Conviction, Courtesy and courage. Education is a liberating force. It liberates us from bondage, ignorance, backwardness and vices of lower human nature. The college aims to provide the best atmosphere for learning without any discrimination, prejudice or bias against any section of the society thereby realizing the bigger aim of striving to promote equality and social justice and to reduce social and cultural differences.